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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

It was not that long ago when the first commercial internet service provider started its operation in the United Kingdom in the year 1991 and now more than 80% of the households have an internet access and around 70% of the total population in the UK is estimated to purchase goods online. It’s an age when people are giving up television to use the internet. Today businesses are doing everything they can to keep up with the competition and the changing behaviors. We are seeing more and more brick-and-mortar businesses completely changing their business models to online and businesses that are spicing up their existing marketing effort with a more effective digital marketing strategy, so with your competition and potential customers spending their time online, it is essential to know how to use digital marketing to grow your business online.

An effective digital marketing strategy covers all the relevant digital channels and mediums to keep you ahead of the game. The field is changing fast and here is how you can use digital marketing to help grow your business:

1. Set A Goal: The first thing that you need to be doing is to set a direction. Ask yourself what is most beneficial for your business, whether it is more customers, more recognition, beating competition or any other. Starting with a clear goal in mind helps you maintain your focus on what is important for your business.

2. Know Which Digital Marketing Tools To Use: It is essential that you should develop a customer–focused digital marketing strategy and an inbound marketing methodology is a great way to do that. There are four stages (Attract, Convert, Close, Delight) through which your potential customer is likely to travel to become a delighted customer and by knowing on which stage your customer is you can know which digital marketing tools would be more effective.

2.1 Attract: At this initial stage the customer is just a stranger and is looking for a solution for a problem. The customer has symptoms to a problem but the problem is not clearly known so you need to attract strangers and convert them into visitors in the initial stage and for that blogging, social media and an optimized web are some effective digital marketing tools to use.

2.2 Convert: Once you have converted strangers to visitors you then need to move them to the next stage in your marketing funnel that is to convert some of them into leads by getting their contact information. At these stage e-books, newsletter signups are effective tools and you should use digital tactics like landing pages and calls-to-action (CTA) for getting the contact information.

2.3 Close: Now its time to close the deal and at this stage you will need a good CRM software to covert the right leads at the right time.

2.4 Delight: The Post-sales stage is a stage where you need to develop a lasting relationship with you customers and make them the promoters of your business. Providing useful content, surveys and social monitoring are effective at this stage.

3. Create Several Call-To-Actions (CTA): A CTA may be an image, banner, text that prompts the users to take an action like subscribe to our newsletter or request a video demo. The more call-to-actions you create the better are your lead generation chances and you need to distribute these optimized CTAs strategically on your website. Marketing offers and CTAs should be used with the objective to trade information to move customers further into your marketing funnel by providing them with offers like a free download, newsletter, e-book and gathering their information that you will use to interact with them later.

4. Getting Quality Traffic: You need to have traffic that you can drive into your marketing funnel so in order to drive quality traffic here is what you need to do:

4.1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The biggest traffic source are the search engines so you need to implement the best SEO tactics so your website show in the top search results whenever a stranger searches for the symptoms to his problems. For that an effective Keyword strategy, quality content, an optimized website and effective link building are necessary.

4.2 Social Media Marketing: Another best way to drive quality traffic is through social media. The key is to create engaging post through the right mix of content, images, videos, timings and hashtags.

4.3 Paid Marketing: There is always the option to move towards paid marketing activities like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click (PPC) and others for quick results but you need to ensure a positive ROI before getting into any of them.

Digital marketing shows result through targeting the right people that deliver the results the business needs. Today, the right use of the digital marketing strategy and tools provide the businesses the best chances of growth.