Ecommerce - The Future of Shopping

Online Shopping and E-Commerce Solutions

Online shopping or online retail is considered as the most well-known e-commerce solutions known today. Online shopping mostly compromises of the business to consumer (B2C) sector, consisting of a process where a customer purchases products online through a web or a mobile device from a ‘brick and mortar’ or a ‘pure-click’ online retailer.


The online shopping market is predicted to grow consistently to a market of over $370 billion by 2017. Even today, the United Kingdom is one of the countries which has the highest online shopping penetration rate as of 2015 and currently is by far the largest B2C e-commerce market in all Europe with a turnover of more than 107 billion Euros.


The reason why more than 41 percent of the total internet users are shopping online is because there are numerous advantages to shop online like:

Larger selection: Online shopping is not limited by retailer’s shelf space thus it provides much wider variety of items than a traditional retailer.

Saving fuel, time & energy: Shopping online does not cost you extra on fuel, it saves your precious time and it also does not drain your energy as you move from aisle to aisle looking for products.

Price comparison: Almost all retailers today are have price comparison or a price check system and you can also compare prices easily on different online stores to determine the best deals and the cheapest price online.

Convenience: Online shopping is all about convenience, with 24/7 availability and swift checkout system without having to wait in long checkout lines, online shopping is quick, easy and reliable.

Discreet shopping: Online shopping is private and you can easily purchase products that you don’t want other people to find out about.


Online shopping is easy, the only things you need are:
1. A credit or debit card
2. An internet connection

Now you don’t have to do much you just have to go to an online shopping store and search, select the product you want to buy and click ‘add to basket’. Now your product details are saved and once you are done selecting products click ‘checkout’. You have to accept the terms and conditions on the next page and then you will be asked for your details like your name, contact, delivery address, and others. After providing the correct details you will be directed to a page that displays the summary of your order, if you find all details correct, click ‘continue’ to be directed a page where you would enter your payment details, you will be asked to provide a ‘Visa’ or ‘MasterCard’ code. Once the code is verified, your order will be processed and you would receive a confirmation email from your retailer that your order had been processed.


With the popularity of tablets, smartphones, mobile applications, easy checkout and better verification system, online shopping has become a popular shopping method. We at Universalsoft have been working for 30 years to cater the needs of this growing market. We provide Magneto based e-commerce solutions that promise a great user experience as well as profitable growth of your business.